Our Candidates

Democratic Candidates
Midterm elections - November 2018

Governor/Lt Gov
Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers - running against (R)) Kris Kobach/Wink Hartman

Secretary of State
Brian “BAM” McClendon – running against (R) Scott Schwab, (L) Rob Hodgkinson

Attorney General
Sarah G Swain – running against (R) Derek Schmidt

State Treasurer
Marci Francisco – (R) Jake La Turner

Insurance Commissioner
Nathaniel McLaughlin – running against (R) Vicki Schmidt


Kansas Congress District 1
Alan LaPolice – running against (R) Roger Marshall

State House District 66
Sydney Carlin – running against (L) Edgar Chambers

State House District 67
Alex Van Dyke – running against (R) Tom Philips

USD 383 Bond issue – as it appears on the ballot

Shall Unified School District No. 383, Riley County, Kansas (Manhattan-Ogden), issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $129,500,000 to pay the costs to:
(a) Construct, furnish and equip security and safety improvements at all District school sites;
(b) Construct, furnish and equip secured entrance improvements at Eugene Field Headstart, Frank V. Bergman Elementary School, Susan B. Anthony Middle School, Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School, and at District office and support facilities;
(c) Construct, furnish and equip a new elementary school in Blue Township;
(d) Construct, furnish and equip improvements, renovations and additions to Eugene Field Headstart and College Hill Preschool, and to develop them into Early Learning Centers;
(e) Construct, furnish and equip improvements, renovations and additions to the District’s school sites to improve teaching and learning environments and building operating efficiencies;
(f) Construct, furnish and equip improvements at the District’s school sites and facilities, including parking, transportation, central kitchen, administrative and drainage improvements;
(g) Make practice field improvements and construct new tennis courts; and
(h) make all other necessary District improvements and related demolition appurtenant thereto; all pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 10-101 et seq., K.S.A. 25-2018(f), K.S.A. 72-5457, and K.S.A. 72-5458 et seq.?

Lynn Rogers for Lt. Governor


Laura Kelly has dedicated her life to doing right for Kansas kids and families.

Laura Kelly grew up in a career military family where she learned the importance of service, integrity and accountability. She has made it her life’s work to fight for children and families on the job, in her community, and as a four-term state senator. As leader of the Kansas Recreation & Park Assoc., Laura was a leading voice in promoting healthy families and communities and improving the quality of life in Kansas through top-notch parks and recreation services. In earlier jobs, she fought to improve mental health services and helped patients live healthy, more productive lives.

She has a reputation as a no-nonsense leader who can work with both Republicans and Democrats to get things done. She served as the Ranking Minority member of the important Ways and Means Committee, advocated for fiscally responsible, balanced budgets that still reflect the priorities of Kansas communities, like schools, health care, roads and public safety and spearheaded legislation to establish a state savings account so Kansas could better prepare for unexpected, uncontrollable emergencies that impact the state budget.

Laura held the Dept of Children and Families accountable for its lack of transparency and has demanded answers to tough issues that directly impact the safety of children in the foster care system. She was a key player in the establishment and funding of the Early Childhood Development Block Grants, which have helped thousands of Kansas children enter kindergarten ready to learn. She’s fought to make child care more affordable for these parents, and she took a leading role in fighting attempts to dismantle Kansas’ prized early learning system in 2016.

Laura fought was key to building the bipartisan coalition to reverse the tax plan and put Kansas back on sound financial footing. She knows it is important for everyone, including the wealthy, to pay their fair share to fund our priorities – like roads and schools. Laura has always fought for additional funding for K-12 schools, colleges, technical schools and universities.

Laura believes we need a new approach to jumpstart job growth in a rapidly changing economy. She supports traditional engines that drive prosperity: public schools, job training, and infrastructure, but she also believes Kansas leaders must think more like entrepreneurs and less like politicians. We must innovate and make creative, strategic investments that plan for the jobs of the future.

After five years of hemorrhaging revenue on tax cuts for the wealthy, Kansas’ long road to recovery will require planning and precision. That’s why it’s so important to keep moving forward, and why Laura is uniquely qualified to lead Kansas into the next chapter.

 “It’s time to rebuild our schools and get our economy back on track. It’s time to put the disastrous ta experiment behind us.” Laura Kelly

Laura Led the bipartisan fight against the failed tax experiment.

As our governor, she’ll lead Kansas forward by:

  • Continuing to improve Kansas schools from pre-K up. Laura Kelly will be the education governor.
  • Expanding Medicaid to provide affordable healthcare for mor Kansas families.
  • Making it easier for Kansans to find goo-paying jobs that reward hard work.
  • Re-investing in our aging infrastructure to boost the economy and create more jobs.

“For as long as I’ve known Laura, it’s been her mission to do right by Kansas kids. And at this moment, she’s exactly what this state needs.” Governor Kathleen Sebelius



“When they ask if I will support and defend the Constitution, I proudly say: I already have.”
Alan LaPolice, Combat Veteran

Raised on a dairy farm in Washington County Kansas, Alan LaPolice is a true 5th-generation Kansan. He grew up operating the dairy and working 1,200 acres of beans, wheat, milo and corn, where he worked every day until he left for the US Army where he served as an Infantryman in the First Gulf War. After his military service, he worked in various jobs, both in the public and private sector and eventually he settled on a career in education. He spent six years teaching English, ESL, Literature, Government, Civics and Algebra. He was hand-picked to be principal for a drop-out recovery HS and for four years, he helped hundreds of students that society had deemed unworthy, to receive high school diplomas. He earned two Masters Degrees and became a district superintendent, where he made major positive reforms in the district and proved his fiscal responsibility by taking a massive budget deficit and turning it into a surplus, all while increasing faculty and staff positions. He created an entire music and art program, he enhanced the outdoor, hands-on science program, he tripled the district technology and he developed a physical education program, again all while maintaining the budget. Alan served as a member of his local school board, USD 224. Alan also worked as Retention Specialist and College Skills Coordinator for Cloud County Community College.

He very nearly defeated Tim Huelskamp in 2014.

Alan's strong work ethic was developed on the farm. Alan’s primary focus is as father to Joslin, Juliet, and Charlotte and as loving husband to Sonia.


  • The Economy: It is essential we develop an economy in which one who works full time is able to afford to take care of his or her family. A living wage must be available. All of us should share in the riches of this land and we each need to be expected to give back based on ability.
  • Foreign Policy: The United States must become a true proponent of democracies. We must end these wars of occupation and treat all peoples with dignity and respect, regardless. As a veteran of the First Gulf War, I have seen first hand the destruction wars cause. War should be a last resort.
  • Healthcare: We are ALL entitled to access to great healthcare.Our veterans deserve to have the promise of the world's greatest healthcare, including care for mental health, honored.
  • Education: Public Education has always been the single greatest investment this country could make and that investment should only be expanded. Our children will be entrusted with the future, we cannot withhold necessary resources any longer.
  • Social Security and Medicare: Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements. They are investments the people of this country have made that they deserve to have returned to them. Any politician who seeks to take them away must be defeated. It is our responsibility to maintain these social safety nets and look after the most vulnerable - it's part of what makes our country great.
  • Corruption in Politics: It is every American's duty not to tolerate greed and corruption in our politics. An Oath to the Constitution is an oath to the people of this nation - all of them. I promise clarity in my campaign and in my service to you if I am elected.



Brian “BAM” McLendon is an engineer and a business founder; He has already helped shape the future of technology by founding Keyhole, the startup that became Google Earth. As Google VP of Engineering, he built the teams behind Google Maps, Google Earth, Street View and Google Local Search. At Uber, he advanced mapping services to support self-driving cars.

BAM is qualified for the job: The Kansas Secretary of State maintains online publications and business registration systems. The office is responsible for securing the personal information of voters in Kansas, and the 20+ states that participate in Crosscheck. Most importantly, it oversees the security of elections and election systems. The tools of this job are technical. The decisions are technical. Kansas needs a Secretary of State who is qualified for the job.

As Secretary of State BAM will:

·        Elections & Voting: The Secretary of State should focus on increasing the number of eligible citizens registered to vote and facilitating access to voting for citizens. It should promote voter participation and a non-partisan understanding of the voting process, the candidates and the issues in question. It should take intelligent steps to secure our elections and to defend the personal information of citizens from the 20+ states that participate in Crosscheck.

·        Technical Competence: The Kansas Secretary of State has a duty to secure our elections, protect our voting rights, and safeguard voter & business data. Too many states have been hacked by foreign agents. Too many eligible Kansans have been discouraged or blocked from voting by poorly designed systems here at home. Our elections can be both secure AND accessible. These are technical problems with technical solutions. Kansas needs a Secretary of State who is fluent in tech and BAM speaks that language.

·        Business, Jobs & Innovation: The Office of the Secretary of State has a duty to register businesses operating in Kansas, but it should aim to reduce the friction involved in starting a business. Starting a business is hard enough, the State of Kansas shouldn’t make it harder. BAM has founded several companies and managed teams of thousands. He understands the concerns of the business community and can be a key partner in attracting and retaining jobs here in Kansas.

·        Transparency and Access: Kansas government has become secretive and inaccessible. BAM will insure official state information is published and managed in a searchable and transparent manner, building accountability and trust with Kansans



Supportive Community Advocate: Marci has been actively engaged in her community and the state, serving on many boards.

Proud KU Alumni & Retired Staff Member: Marci graduated from the KU School of Architecture & Urban Design and taught there before going to London. She returned to Lawrence to work in the office of the University Landscape Architect and continued to work at KU as an instructor and as staff in facilities planning, space management, and sustainability before retiring from KU in 2012.

Lifetime of Political Experience: She served on the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Board, served on the Lawrence City Commission and 2 years as Mayor of Lawrence. Marci was first elected to the Senate in 2004 to represent the 2nd District which now includes parts of Douglas and Jefferson counties and has served on many committees including the Senate’s Agriculture and Natural Resources, Assessment and Taxation, Utilities, and Ways and Means and Committees.

As State Treasurer, Marci will serve ALL Kansans by:

  • Monitoring the office efficiently: As Kansas State Treasurer, Marci will ensure all Kansas taxpayer funds are properly accounted for, effectively invested, and adequately protected. She will review cash management structures and, where necessary and possible, streamline procedures to ensure proper levels of liquidity. Marci will ensure every Kansas dollar is effectively invested to increase taxpayer returns.
  • Security and technology: The sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks makes it more important than ever that the Kansas Treasury implement strict safeguards to secure State funds. Marci will ensure protocols are in place to detect both internal and external occurrences of fraud and that connectivity between State and external partners are secure at all times.
  • Monitoring and reporting cash-flows and balances accurately/Legislative Collaboration: Senator Francisco knows how important it is for legislators to have an accurate picture of the state’s financial health. Similarly, she understands that voters cannot make informed decisions about who is best suited to manage our government if they are unable to see how legislative decisions affect State funds. To address this, Marci will ensure accurate and timely reports are provided to help with the creation of effective legislation and create an easy-to-read financial dashboard allowing all Kansans to follow the State’s financial progress.
  • Promoting safeguards for KPERS and the highway fund.
  • Returning unclaimed property to its rightful owners: Every year Kansas businesses submit funds from bank accounts, checks, wages, stocks, dividends, refunds and other financial properties that have been abandoned. Marci will leverage all the tools at her disposal – including social and traditional media – to ensure such funds are returned to Kansans.
  • Improving education savings programs: Kansas’ Learning Quest and ABLE savings programs should provide opportunities for Kansans to save for higher education and help meet expenses for those with disabilities. As Trustee of these programs, Marci will work to increase performance ratings and consider other alternatives to make these investments available to all Kansas children. She will work statewide with educational organizations, financial advisors, centers for independent living and other community groups to increase plan participation rates.

Promoting financial literacy: Personal financial literacy is vital to every Kansan’s success. Marci will advocate for educational opportunities suited to learners of all ages. She will work with community leaders statewide to promote programs that teach healthy financial habits including budgeting, saving & investing fundamentals, the stock market, and preparing for retirement.  As Treasurer, Marci will continue to leverage social and traditional media to connect with people statewide to help all Kansans financially prepare for their futures.


Over her 17 year legal career Sarah Swain has been a steady, powerful voice for justice.

Sarah Swain is a 3rd generation Kansan. Her father’s experience as a disenfranchised Veteran of the Vietnam War, instilled in her the will to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. He fought for his rights and won. She fights for her clients rights…and she wins! She is a graduate of the KU School of Law and studied Political Science at Baker University. Sarah has dedicated her career to the equal application of justice, integrity and accountability for all

As a criminal defense attorney she has seen firsthand how justice had not been applied equally to the many of citizens in KS. She has been a fierce advocate for accountability and integrity in KS Courts. Swain continues to expose and advocate against corruption every day of her career while working for positive solutions for her community and Kansas. Swain has grown tired of the status quo where Kansans are not part of the process and are also left behind to the whims of the political maneuvers of elected officials who do not put our citizens first.

Swain's platform calls for equal justice, oversight and protection, equal access to justice, citizen accountability, government accountability, cryptocurrency protection, regulatory enforcement, ending cannabis prohibition and enforcing the Kansas Constitution.

Equal Justice:
• Work tirelessly with state and local government & KS law enforcement agencies to ensure equal justice for all Kansans.
• Provide oversight, accountability, and transparency & prosecute vigorously any person, including any government official, who violates the law or a person’s constitutional protections.
Oversight & Protection:
• Go after predatory lenders, and corporations that target KS residents
• Work to protect consumers, including students, from aggressive debt collection tactics.
• Increase resources to defend all senior citizens from neglect, abuse, and exploitation.
• Ensure that unsafe assisted living facilities and in-home care providers are stripped of their licenses.
• Issue scam notifications for public awareness.
• Vigorously prosecute cases of Medicaid fraud.
Enforcing the Kansas Constitution:
• Ensure that agencies of the government enforce the Kansas Constitution equally and prosecute vigorously any discriminatory or bias actions by any government agency or agent.
• Ensure that agency regulations are followed and applied legally and without bias
• Ensue that education and health care are available to all
• Ensure that property rights of all Kansans are honored.
Best Interests of Our Children:
• Ensure that all state and local agencies follow the legal standard of keeping families together as well as protecting them from harmful environments.
• Ensure Kansas is a leader in fighting child exploitation of any kind.
• Fight for a fully-funded public school system.
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Task Force: Create educational, consumer protection and investor task forces modeled after similar Securities and Exchange Commission, CFTC and IRS programs ensuring that Kansas becomes a leader in technology and all Kansans are protected and while enjoying expanded earning potential, strengthening our local economies and social impact.
Ending Cannabis Prohibition:
• Support the decriminalization or legalization of cannabis and hemp agriculture - work with the legislature, state/local government agencies, law enforcement, business, farmers, industry leaders, the medical community, educators and all Kansans.
• Ensure that we are protected from Federal overreach via the 10th Amendment, end the war on drugs and ensure a safe market.
• Work hard to allow sick Kansans access to both CBD and legal cannabis.
Government Accountability: Implement a new transparent, accountable system focused on law enforcement, with a statewide Brady-Giglio list (including all officers in the state with dishonestly/credibility issues), a task force of investigators and prior law enforcement officers who will perform unbiased investigations of police misconduct, and operation of a statewide hotline where allegations of sexual misconduct, racial profiling, and other misdeeds can be reported and investigated.
Protecting the Environment: Protect our environment for future generations.

for Insurance Commissioner

“All Kansans should have access to affordable health insurance. I’ve had an up-close view of the incredible problems Kansans are dealing with related to the enormous cost of health insurance. Through hard work and dedication, I rose through the ranks of the private sector to oversee Sodexo Healthcare Services’ $33 million health care operations in eight states across the Midwest.”

Nathaniel McLaughlin was born in Laurinburg, NC. During his senior year in high school, Nathaniel was president of the class of 1971 and elected treasurer of the North Carolina Teenage Democrats Association. After graduating from Scotland High School, Nathaniel received a Bachelor of Science Degree from North Carolina's Winston-Salem State University. He then completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Wake Forest University.

Joining Marriott Management Services in 1980, Nathaniel rose through the ranks to become a district executive for what is now Sodexo Healthcare Services. In that role, he managed the company’s $33 million health care operations in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Sydney Carlin


www.sydneycarlinfor KS.com/

Representative Carlin has a well-earned reputation for working across the aisle to pass bills that benefit all Kansans:

✔ Working for a Balanced Tax Policy that does not overburden Property Owners and Families
✔ Fostering a Business Climate to Allow Both Employers and Employees to Succeed
✔ Standing up for Education on K-12, K-State and MATC
✔ Restoring Vital State Support for the Arts, Human Rights and Highway
✔ Passing Military Bill of Rights Legislation and Educational Opportunities for Military Families

K-12 & HIGHER EDUCATION AND THE COURTS: Advocates for K-State against major cuts by this governor’s cuts to all regents institutions; Supports the right to a quality free public education for the citizens of KS; Opposes drastic cuts to education budgets that decimate public education: Says financing of private education that is not accredited by the state; Opposes cuts to teacher protections and to education which mean fewer teachers in the classroom, larger class sizes and fewer librarians, social workers and school nurses; Watches and works to change the ongoing lack of action on the part of the legislature to fulfill the ruling of the court in an appropriate manner.

ECONOMY: Works to improve the economy of KS and Manhattan and has had many experiences in various elected and other positions to create opportunities and economic development. Our state in broke and the KS economy is lagging behind others in the region.

JOB REPORT POINTS TO TROUBLED KS ECONOMY: KS continues to loose thousands of jobs while neighboring states are going their economies - which is evidence that present tax policies aren’t working. It’s time for a change.

  1. KS ranks 2nd worst of the nation’s 50 states in real personal income growth in 2014.

  2. Employment in KS Construction industries has slipped 5.6 % since May 2015

  3. Four neighboring states have experienced growth in the construction jobs sector adding a combined 20,000 jobs to the economy.

  4. KS delayed up to 3 years authorization of highway construction projects –because of budget shortfalls.

  5. KS has been among the weakest 10 states in the country when it comes to job growth, finishing at 6th worst for the month of May.

  6. KS ranks the 6th highest state in the country for the number of structurally deficient bridges, Because they swept more than $1 billion from the KS DOT to State General Funds to balance the state budget.

JUDICIAL BRANCH: Defends the courts- agrees with the framers of the U. S. Constitution and the State of KS Constitution who felt it was vitally important that the Legislative, the Judicial and the Executive Branches of the Government remain separate and independent. Opposes legislature attacks on the Courts.

TAXES & TAX POLICY: The state budget has been upside down ever since the governor’s tax plan of 2012. The state has survived financially only by using up every dollar in the state savings account, by raiding other funds to shore up the general fund and by borrowing on next year’s income. We have a fiscal crisis in this state and we need to restructure our tax policies and budget priorities. Efforts to reduce sales tax on food failed. Currently 330,000 KS businesses don’t pay any income tax; To make up for lost revenue, the legislature passed the largest tax increase in state history which means we pay more on all their purchases and more on food than in any other state in the nation.

MEDICAID EXPANSION: Supports Medicaid expansion. The Feds passed the ACA with State Medicaid Expansion in order to provide medical coverage to the millions of Americans who earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid - about 180,000 people in KS. Shockingly, Brownback refused to accept the money and/or expand the Medicaid services, leaving our KS citizens out of insurance coverage

SOCIAL SERVICES: This year no legislation was allowed on the House Floor that could provide the opportunity to amend the Medicaid Expansion. TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) also known as welfare, has been cut from 5 years/ 60 months life time benefit to 24 Months lifetime benefit.

Facebook /SydneyCarlin   |@RepSydneyCarlin

Alex Van Dyke


Fresh, young leadership inspiring our community and moving KS forward. Alex wants a Kansas where, there is a safe and inclusive future; a future where all of our children are protected and surrounded by love and acceptance and a future where KS is a shining example of education, healthcare, and inclusion for the rest of the country, motivating companies and jobs to move into the state.


TAXES: Balancing out the tax income revenue that was destroyed by the present tax experiments that forced our food sales tax to be the highest in the nation. We absolutely must reduce the food sales tax, but we need to make up for lost revenue.

  • Making an additional tax bracket for high-income earners. The top 1% in KS make more than $350,000/year.

  • Increasing corporate income tax

  • Setting universal guidelines for sales tax exemption, and hold companies accountable when they don’t meet those guidelines

  • Giving taxing power back to local government

EDUCATION: My wish also includes fully funding education. We need to bring our schools out of this depression and into a bright future for our children:

  • Reinstating due process for teachers, which will help attract, hire, and maintain highly-qualified teachers

  • Providing free preschool, so parents can more easily get back to work to provide for their families while not sacrificing their child's development

  • Reinstating the arts commission

  • Being inclusive of all Kansans and lead our kids by example that everyone is accepted here.

Other issues I’d fight for as your Representative include:

  • ADOPTION DISCRIMINATION: Immediately overturning the discriminatory law, passed in part with a vote from your current representative, which allows our tax dollars to go to private adoption agencies, even if they reject potential parents for religious reasons. This enables them to discriminate against single parents, parents of different religious views, or parents of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • HEALTHCARE: Expanding Medicaid and restructuring KanCare. Our current legislators have twice failed to pass Medicaid expansion, leaving more than $5 billion dollars of your taxes on the table to go to other states and making hundreds of thousands of Kansans un- or under-insured.

  • Equal Pay and Treatment of Families: Fighting for an equal-pay law, universal pre-K, and paid leave for new parents. The unjust and exclusionary practice of paying women less and forcing them down different career paths practiced by private industry affects single moms, especially moms of color, the most. Our current pay rates for women currently put KS at 37th in the nation for equal pay.

Facebook /VanDykeForKansas  |  vandykeforkansas@gmail.com