Message from our Chair

Message from our Chair



"Expect Democrats!"  —A Note from Carl Reed

County-level political parties are required to re-organize every two years after general elections. Often the mandated reorganization produces little change from previous years. But the RCDP reorganization of January 2019 replaced three of the four executive positions and installed dozens of appointees in precinct-committee positions. Our new party executives are Carl Reed, Chairperson; Karen Hawes, Vice Chairperson; Linda Johnson, Treasurer; and Janis Galitzer, Secretary. These officers constitute the County Executive Committee along with appointed members Christopher Renner and Kim Zito.

The new team is motivated by the multiple and massive threats to American democracy and the Kansas public good that have been created by Republican policy under orders from the super-wealthy and allied special interests. Our response will be to build the Riley County Democratic Party into a cadre of informed, diverse and active citizens working hard to protect our people and our democratic institutions from the greed and obstructionism of conservatives.

The new team has been working behind the scenes to define the goals, visions and missions and to craft the strategies and plans that will create the aforementioned cadre. Expect a more activist, more aggressive county Democratic party. Expect that monthly meetings will focus on the damage done to our state and our communities by Republican policies. Expect to learn how the Kansas government came to be the most secretive, least transparent of state governments. Expect to be shocked and angered as speakers explain how Kansans have been exploited for the sake of the wealthy, how our traditions have been disrespected for the sake of powerful special interests. Expect more and larger meetings, more and larger fund-raisers, a larger and louder participation in local events. Expect Democrats!

What's Next?
-March Events
-2020 Visioning Effort

Carl Reed
Chair | Riley County Democratic Party

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