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2020 Elections




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KS Senate District 22

Tom is a proud K-State alum and has served in the Kansas state legislature since 2005. Prior to legislating, he was a math teacher and worked his way through administration to become superintendent of Manhattan-Ogden schools. He currently serves as Ranking Member on the Senate Ways and Means Committee and on the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.


KS House District 66

Sydney has served as city commissioner and mayor of Manhattan and has been representing District 66 since 2003. She has sponsored over a dozen bills that have been signed into state law. She supports: education, safe communities, good paying jobs, economic growth, private property rights, vital state support of highways, our military and KSU.


KS House Disctrict 67

Cheryl is a retired high school math, physics, and chemistry teacher and high school principal. She believes education is closely tied to business growth and economic development, and that Kansas needs to raise the bar for academic achievement. She also advocates for Medicaid expansion and abolishing the death penalty.

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KS House District 64

Jim plans to work for solutions to Kansas problems that are middle of the road and grounded in common sense and reality. He plans to push a pro-business, pro-education set of priorities that put people first and prepare younger Kansans for the challenges of tomorrow. He believes the state of Kansas and the 64th district need someone committed to the needs of the people - not the lobbyists and special interests pushing a one-sided agenda.


County Commission District 2

As a local, small business owner and a social justice advocate, Fanny understands how the nuances of policies and budgets passed by our local government impact livelihoods. Our community deserves public servants who will lead by example. She looks forward to being that public servant and accurately representing the values of work ethic, compassion, and resilience that embody Riley County.


County Commission District 3

Kathryn's years of experience in business, politics and community work, has given her a keen understanding of Riley County residents and their concerns. Riley County is patchwork of rural and urban population. Having lived in both environments, Kathryn understands the daily concerns of all county citizens. She will work diligently to respond to your concerns, comments, and suggestions.

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U.S. Senate

After a career as a doctor, Barbara ran for the Kansas House of Representatives in 2010 to make a difference across the state. There, she served as an independent voice for Kansans, earning a reputation as a leader willing to stand up to both political parties to solve the challenges facing our families. In 2016, she ran for the State Senate. She currently serves on the Governor’s Council on Medicaid Expansion tasked with building a bipartisan plan to expand healthcare for all Kansans.


U.S. House
Congressional District 1

Kali is the daughter of third generation farmers. Born and raised in Kansas, she was an elementary school teacher for 12 years. In Congress, she vows to fight for teachers and students, seeing education as the key to our nation's future. She knows all too well the struggle of farmers and will be the advocate for the folks who are backbone of the heartland. And she will champion working families who've been left behind for far too long.

These are the Democratic candidates you will find on our August 4th Primary Election and/or the November 3rd General Election. Please support all the D's down the ballot!

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