Tuesday, November 8, 2022 

Polls open 7am to 7pm

Last day to register to vote: October 18

Advanced voting and Mail Ballots begin: October 19

Consult the Riley County Election Calendar for further information.

The Democratic Party is the party that helps people.


But the truth is, with the Republican party holding a super majority,

they don't have to entertain a word from a Democrat.


What's at stake: Governor Kelly's budget that fully funds public education

and freezes tuition at state colleges; the elimination of the food tax - no matter the food choice;

a fully funded State Water Plan;

and so much more.

But as long as the Republican stronghold on Kansas remains,

policies that truly help Kansans will not be enacted.

And we will continue to witness a government that is more concerned with

obstruction and diversion.

   It is not only an honor to be able to vote for the Democratic incumbents - it is our duty.  


Governor Laura Kelly, and Lt Governor David Toland

State Treasurer Lynn Rogers

District 66 Representative Sydney Carlin 


We have a talented group of candidates who are eager to work for Kansas.

Let's vote out the incumbents who have not lifted a finger for us.

We deserve better.




Because of Federal Election Commission rules,

county parties are not allowed to give financial support to a candidate running for federal office.

We urge you to research the names of the candidates running for U.S. Senate and U.S. House, and note who is the Democrat running. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.




Attorney General of Kansas:

Chris Mann

Kansas Secretary of State:

Jeanna Repass

Kansas House District 67:

Kim Zito

Kansas House District 64:

Patricia Smetana

Riley County Commission District 1:

No Democratic candidate on the ballot

Other Kansas elections can be found here at Ballotpedia: