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Cheryl Arthur CARES

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I have had the privilege of knocking on doors alongside Cheryl Arthur for the last two months. This task is more than just asking people for their votes - she is truly interested in talking to folks, wanting to find out what matters to them.

This is the only way to know how people are feeling right now. Cheryl knows she cannot presume to understand the stress, pressure, fear, depression, worries, etc. of Kansans in this unprecedented time in our lives. She knows she's about to get an earful when she's on a person's doorstep and asks: What concerns you?

She asks that question because she truly cares.

And she wants to find solutions for people - solutions that truly take into account what people are going through on a daily basis.

I'm a military wife--proud supporter of our men and women who serve and of their families who are just as much a part of the operation-- and YET, I'm tired of military officers leaving the armed forces and then taking over civil government.

I'm tired of former soldiers thinking they can run civics like they did in the military. Government is comprised of people - people with different situations, backgrounds, struggles; people who do not fall in line based on rank.

I'm tired of government officials making decisions based on an Excel spreadsheet of numbers and not employing their hearts.

Cheryl Arthur was a high school teacher, a girls basketball coach, a high school principal and a district administrator. She knows all too well what it's like to find solutions when you're caught in between a boulder and the steep edge of a cliff.

She understands the importance of our multi-faceted economy here in Riley County: agriculture, K-State, and Fort Riley, not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of small businesses who serve and impact our community, making it so unique and inviting.

Cheryl understands that all these different communities work together symbiotically, not independently. We are all connected - and by empowering each facet, we become stronger. Together.

If you want a woman who knows how to lead, who knows how to make decisions with empathy and compassion, who understands accountability - Vote for Cheryl Arthur, Kansas House District 67.

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