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Elect Kali Barnett to the U.S. House of Representatives

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

For the first time in all the 50 years I have lived here, Democrats have an

opportunity to move the state of Kansas into the present century. We not only

have a wonderful woman running for the U.S. Senate in Barbara Bollier – we also

have FOUR amazing young women running for the U.S. House, one in each of

the four districts.

The Big First Congressional District is fortunate to have Kali Barnett working hard to

win the opportunity to represent us in Washington! This is our chance to add to

the 2018 freshman wave of young women who have been elected to Congress.

Kali is just that kind of young woman who can help change history, help make this country the kind of place we want to live in - that we are proud to live in again!

I am honored to say that I have been talking to and mentoring Kali since before she

officially declared her candidacy. She is smart, well spoken, a good listener and

dedicated to the people of the state of Kansas. She is the daughter of third generation

Kansas farmers, and she is an elementary school teacher.

She knows about the struggles of famers and teachers, the bedrock of Kansas workers.

Farmers struggle to survive, to make ends meet in a nation that clearly doesn’t care

about family farms any more.

Teachers are paid low salaries and often spend their own money to augment school

budgets in their classrooms. Until the COVID-19 lockdown, most parents didn’t

really appreciate all the things teachers do for their kids. One of the good

things that may have come out of this hard time in our country, is that folks have

begun to understand how hard teachers work, how much they do and what they

mean to our kids…but Kali knows, she’s seen it all firsthand.

Kali understands the healthcare problems of rural Kansans. She knows about the loss

of small hospitals and the distances people have to travel to get proper care. She

appreciates the need for building on the Affordable Care Act. She knows that

excellent healthcare should be the right of every person, not the privilege of the

wealthy few.

I hope you will join me – let’s elect a vibrant, smart, articulate person who cares about

the real people of Kansas, not party or politics, but real problems and real solutions.

Let’s send Kali Barnett to the U.S. Congress and make Kansas proud.

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