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Focke Is For the People

I first met Kathryn at a Riley County Board of Commissioners meeting in April. She had no scruples about going to the podium to question the board's decision in purchasing the church -- the dilapidated church that sits just a few hundred feet away from the Commission's office building that no one thought was a good idea to tour before spending $853,000 of taxpayer money.

She was a regular attendee to these commission meetings, long before COVID and long before any of our ears perked up to the business that took place behind unwatched doors.

That's just how long she's been doing her homework, keeping watch for the people of Riley County, and holding these elected officials accountable - asking them why aren't they listening!

The voters made their voices heard on August 4th of this year, ousting the two incumbents.

Getting rid of the old guard shouldn't stop there. We have a real chance at taking back our government and making it represent US, the people.

John Matta has had his time in office - and the people weren't impressed. Why would we oust Ron Wells only to replace his seat with another Ron Wells?

I've witness Kathryn Focke knock on doors - and let me tell you: she is the Energizer Bunny. When it was over 90 degrees outside with 1000000% humidity, our shirts soaked and our masks on their fourth change out, Kathryn didn't give up on talking to people. After three hours, I'd throw in the towel, eager to get home for a shower and lunch, and Kathryn would continue on. She did this day in and day out. She will be sure to knock on every single door in District 3 - because she wants to make sure she hears what you have to say.

That's the kind of commissioner Kathryn will be. She knows she's going to have to make impossible decisions - but she wants to be sure she's heard from every angle before she needs to vote on your behalf.

I trust Kathryn. I trust that I won't have to pay attention to the County Commission if Kathryn is seated there. And for that, I'm grateful.

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