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Mark Your Calendar! March 24th at 7pm

Join us for Part Two of our conversation with Dr. Laurie Johnson at K-State. In February, Dr. Johnson talked to us about ways we can bridge the gap across the aisle.

Remember: farmers, ranchers and coal-miners used to make up the Democratic Party. It was Ronald Reagan who hijacked individualism and pinned The Individual against The Government -- in a David vs. Goliath narrative. And so began the mistrust and distrust of government. And patriotism morphed into a dog-eat-dog ethos.

Forty years later, we are forced to confront a nation in crisis.

I refuse to believe that our former Democratic brethren left the party, lured by the smooth talking Ronnie, for this...for the manifestation of January 6th. The year 2020 proved that a well-working government is not to be taken for granted and that we individuals cannot survive our lifetimes without community and compassion. I have hope that we here in Riley County and in Kansas have good, principled neighbors who identify with the R, but not the Q.

Rural voters have been ignored by the Democrats, and they are taken for granted by the Republicans, says Jane Kleeb, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

It's about time we Democrats pull up our shirt sleeves and do the hard work of talking to the R voters in rural Riley County. We Democrats have a lot to be proud of: we're people who care; we're people who think; we're people who want to build, not tear down.

I have hope for the return of our prodigal neighbors.

p.s. If you missed February's meeting, please still join us! I know you have ideas to share.

Register for the Zoom link here:

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