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Much to Look Forward to in 2021

Hey folks!

I’m so proud of the things that we’ve accomplished.

2020 has been a wild ride but we are just a few short weeks of welcoming in the new presidential administration – Go Joe and Kamala!

Trump continues to lose case after case on the 2020 election and Georgia is looking hopeful after nearly a million votes have already been cast in the Senate runoffs – we’ll just have to see how those votes play out.

Not only that, but the Supreme Court has also decided not to review Schwab v. Fish, a Kobach-era voting law in Kansas that prevented many from being able to vote. This is a huge win for voter advocacy!

Back in Riley County, Kathryn Focke will take her seat on the Board of County Commissioners on January 11th. That same day, Sen. Tom Hawk and Rep. Sydney Carlin will be sworn in once again in Topeka to take on the challenges in the Kansas State Legislature.

Meanwhile, the Manhattan city commission is in talks of creating a temporary diversity task force with members from a slew of organizations here, which would be a great step for promoting equity in our community. We’ll need to work hard to ensure that we continue to have city commissioners that are willing to bring more voices to the table.

What we can do here in Riley County is to strategize for 2021 and onward. We can work on registering more voters in our area and particularly in registering KSU students here in Riley County. We can motivate democrats to continue to show up for elections even when there isn’t a demagogue drawing people out in droves, whether for or against him.

Most importantly, we need to stay strong and stay alert.

Happy holidays!

- Corey

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