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Our Future is Here - in Fanny Fang

For me, 25-year-old Asian American woman, candidate Fanny Fang is a welcome sight for Riley County where the majority of elected officials are older white men.

Fanny had the courage to stand up to county commissioner Rodriguez after his racist remarks that falsely blamed Chinese and Chinese-American people for the spread of Covid-19. However, Fanny's platform does not solely focus on the issues of the pandemic; she promises to enact long-term policies that will benefit the citizens of Riley County.

Fanny understands the needs of the people because she represents a wide variety of groups – immigrant families, business owners, first generation college students, and young people.

Her platform includes reform to:

  • Housing – where a majority of renters are dissatisfied with the safety and quality of the homes they can afford;

  • Healthcare – not only during the pandemic, but long-term solutions to increase access to affordable healthcare;

  • Transparency in government – because our elected officials should answer to the people who elected them.

The more I learn about the Fang campaign, the more I am reminded of a quote by author Kiese Laymon:

“We owe it to our teachers and our children to imagine new routes into beauty, health, compassion, citizenry, and American imagination. We owe it to each other to love and insist on meaningful revision until the day we die.”

Fanny's opponent is satisfied with the status quo, despite hearing firsthand accounts of racial disparity in Riley County and dismiss the concerns of non-white Riley County citizens --despite the fact that Covid-19 cases have continued to plague Riley County; despite the fact that some of our neighbors feel unsafe in their homes but fear the retaliation that may come from seeking a rental inspection.

Fanny, however, is anything but satisfied. Instead of dismissing the issues that the citizens of our county face, Fanny embraces the meaningful revision our people – all people – are yearning for.

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