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The Supreme Court of Hypocrisy

Dear Senator Roberts and Senator Moran,

Your allegiance to the party of Trump shall not be forgotten. Your complicity in ramming through Amy Coney Barrett just days before a General Election displays your complete disregard for the electorate.

If you are so confident that you are indeed carrying out the will of the American people, then why not wait for a Nov. 3 confirmation that we the people choose President Trump and the Senate majority’s decisions?

However, if the nation decides to oust the current regime, then who are you to take this into your own hands and force someone on us whom we did not approve?

Your participation in undermining our democracy is reprehensible. Unprecedented numbers of people are showing up to the polls. We can smell your fear—you’re acting like a coward in a banana republic, kowtowing to his dictator, unable to stand up for what is right.

You know in your heart of hearts where the side of right stands. I feel sorry that you’re going to have to live out the rest of your life with this on your conscience.

Shame on you, Senators. Shame on you.

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