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For local election purposes the county is divided into geographical areas called county commission districts which are further divided into precincts.

Voting precincts are the smallest unit into which electoral districts are divided.

Each voting precinct has an elected or appointed Committeewoman and/or Committeeman.

These officials are responsible for helping to get out the vote. If you receive a knock on the door, a phone call or a text message from these volunteers from the Riley County Democratic Party, please welcome them and perhaps, even, volunteer to take off some of their workload. 

Look for your Democrat Precinct Committee Person in the most recent list provided by

Precinct Chairpersons

Commission districts map & list of precincts for Riley Co.

Several types of maps showing commission districts, precincts, and townships are available on Riley County's website:

Check the information  below to find out which district and precinct you live in, this dictates where your election day polling station is located.

If you live in Manhattan you can find which voting precinct you live in by downloading the Manhattan precincts map and looking for your street address.

Wherever you live in Riley County, it is very easy to find out about your voting precinct and voting districts by reviewing your voter registration information at


In order to search for your polling place, you can simply go to .


Check out the locations of Riley County's Commission Districts on a map.


Or view the 2021 commissioner district precinct list.

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