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We invite you to our party!


Checking out the Democratic Party for your very first time?

New to Riley County or the Flint Hills region?

Did you break up with us in the 1980s under the lure of Ronald Reagan?

No matter why you're here - WE WELCOME YOU! There is lots of information on our website, but the truth is, the best part of being a Democrat in Riley County is the people you meet and the friends you make.

We know it can feel lonely as a Democrat in Kansas, and we'd love to connect with you and give you the warm fuzzies, assured that you have blue friends here!

Tell us who you are and why you looked us up - and we'll have our Welcome team  call you or email you, whichever you prefer.

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We know that money doesn't grow on trees. And we are grateful for every dollar donated. Please trust that we run a fiscally tight ship, but there is no way to avoid spending money in doing this work. 


Let's make our home

a place that reflects our values

and common goals.

Small donations

can lead to big change

Fundraising: 5% club
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y on Team Blue, we're just trying to keep you in the loop and stay connected to friends.

Our newsletters are brief and snappy. Get the what-you-need-to-know news on legislative and executive policy making. Find out about our events. And meet new friends as we volunteer side by side in making this the community we want it to be. 

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