stronger together

All Hands on Deck!

We had nearly 100 volunteers who mobilized for the Riley County Democratic Party in the 2020 Election.



We won the White House, but we have more work to do!

We need to mobilize and organize! And that can only happen with YOU.

  • We need to educate voters.

  • We need to register new voters.

  • We need to take back our messaging and not let the other side define who we are.

can YOU help?

Please don't let current COVID circumstances prevent you from volunteering.

We'd like to hear your ideas on how to do this effectively and efficiently. 

(And if there is more than one task you'd like to volunteer for, please submit each iof them individually.)

We urgently need to mobilize on these current issues
  • The 2021 Kansas Legislature is taking away women's bodily autonomy while dangerously relaxing gun laws.


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