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Riley County Democrats are a diverse group of concerned citizens united by their belief in a functioning democracy.

​​We are fighting to defend every person's civil and human rights locally and nationally.

We are fighting to achieve more equitable outcomes in our society.

​We are fighting for voting rights.

We are fighting for healthcare for all people and to protect reproductive rights.

We took back the White House in 2020. We reelected Gov. Laura Kelly in 2022 and we elected democrats in the 2021 and 2023 local elections; but the fight is far from over. Democracy is being challenged in our country at all levels of government.

Crucial elections are coming up in 2024.

Join us in restoring decency, humanity, equity and fairness to our community, our state and our nation.

Patriotism is a Democratic value that we must reclaim from the insurrectionists.

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Together, we have work to do!


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Executive committee

Meet our leadership team

Chair: Carl Reed

Carl has been active in the Riley Co. Dems for 10 years. He got involved in the Sherow campaign, volunteered for Sydney Carlin, Tom Hawk, and other state-level candidates, and also  served as RCDP chair 2019 – 2020.


Vice-chair: Serina Norris

Serina has been involved with the RCDP since 2006. She volunteered and was elected to serve as our Vice Chair in March of 2024.


Treasurer: Judy Burgess

Judy is a former Mayor of Abilene. Since she moved to  Manhattan she has been active in the Riley County Democratic Party. In 2023 she was Treasurer of Katie Allen's campaign for USD 383. She volunteered and was elected to serve as RCDP Treasurer in March 2024.


Secretary: Catherine Crane

Catherine has been volunteering with the Riley County Democrats since 2019. She has been serving as graphic designer and Communication Director, and served as RCDP Secretary 2020-2022 and again since November 2023.

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