Riley County Democrats are a diverse group of concerned citizens united by their belief in a functioning democracy.

​​We are fighting to defend every person's civil and human rights locally and nationally.

We are fighting to achieve equity in our society.

​We are fighting to keep health care.


​We took back the White House, but the fight is far from over. We have local elections in 2021 and  2022 is right around the corner.

​We've got work to do!

Join us in restoring decency, humanity and equity to our community, our state and our nation.


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Meet our leadership team

The Executive Committee

carl headshot1.jpg


Precinct Chair director

Carl got involved in social justice issues as an undergraduate at Michigan State University. He arrived at K-State via a Peace Corps gig in Central America. He got involved in the Sherow campaign, volunteered for Sydney Carlin, Tom Hawk, and other state-level candidates, and served as RCDP chair 2019 – 2020.




Digital Media Director

 Catherine grew up in France where she studied Civil Engineering and City Planning. She left France to pursue graduate studies at the University of New Mexico from which she graduated with a Master of Architecture. She has lived in Manhattan since 1989, where she met her husband. She joined the Democratic Party after she became a US citizen to stay true to her social conscience and democratic convictions. 




Kim graduated from NYU in 1997 and got her MA in journalism from City University of London, where she cut her chops grilling bankers during the Great Recession in '08. She's reported for Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal in London, CNBC Europe, and Tampa's NPR station WUSF. 

She and her husband met in London. And they have an energetic toddler son and a goofy yellow lab that wear them out exhausted.

Brennan Walter.jpg


Vice Chair

Brennan is a lifetime resident of Manhattan and a graduate student at Kansas State University studying Regional & Community Planning. He also works as a supervisor for American Airlines’ subsidiary, Envoy Air at the Manhattan Regional Airport. His favorite thing to do is travel, having already used his airline perks to visit 44 countries. His goal is to build and improve public transportation service in or between cities.

He is currently planning his trip to his 45th country.

Corey Broughman.png



Corey was born and raised right here in MHK and recently graduated from KSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Some of her favorite things to do are play with her dog, go kayaking, and play board games.

Corey's goal is to start a career working in activism with an organization like the ACLU, SPLC, or NAACP.

Gabe Kerr.jpeg



Gabe is an active mathematician working in algebraic geometry and string theory. While in graduate school at the University of Chicago, he was an activist for social movements to stop the war in Iraq and end the death penalty in Illinois.

He was the treasurer of a local campaign in 2020 when he dived into the world of campaign finance rules and regs, leading him to the Riley County Dems.

Gabe moved to Manhattan in 2013 with his wife and two children.