Who We Are:

In the heart of the Flint Hills region, Riley County is a blue dot of strong Kansans who are dedicated to protecting civil liberties and guaranteeing civil rights. Just as our Kansan ancestors fought for the abolition of slavery and established Kansas a free state, we have reaffirmed our history by fighting for progress on behalf of our education system, our infrastructure, our military population, and those in our community who are most vulnerable.

Unlike our political rivals, we believe America IS and ALWAYS HAS been GREAT. Is our nation perfect? Do we as Democrats agree on everything? No, of course not.

But what makes the Democratic Party the party of the people is that we welcome discourse--discourse with the goal of finding healthy, safe and sensible solutions for all.

As Democrats, we believe that we are stronger together. We believe in unity, not division. We believe in equality for all, not just for those who can buy it. That's why we Riley County Democrats are working to drive forward issues including: job opportunities, equal pay, education, health care, and the environment.

Turning Around Kansas's Fate:

Kansas has endured decades of suffocation under Republican rule. Farmers are struggling to generate revenue because of the constant threat of tariffs and the cancellations of commodities contracts. The education system is struggling in an economy where prices are rising but education budgets are stagnant. Access to health care is declining with the closures of hospitals and the lack of specialists spread evenly across our state, to include the city of Manhattan.

Kansans are not receiving back the federal dollars leaving their wallets because Republican lawmakers have blocked federal monies. We Democrats find this not only irresponsible but it's simply not fair: we all pay federal taxes, and we deserve our tax dollars to come back to our communities.

What We Do:

The Riley County Democratic Party has been a key driver of progressive causes in the community. We are a growing organization made up of individuals from all walks of life who have a passion for involving our friends and neighbors in the political process. We have a proud track record of electing smart, caring progressives to state and local leadership.

Volunteers and contributors are the lifeblood of our organization. During election years, we organize a thriving headquarters operation to help reach and mobilize voters across Riley County. We also host monthly events and meetings to help us stay connected and informed on issues that affect the city of Manhattan, Riley County, the state of Kansas, and our country. 

Local governments have the largest impact on our communities. Our election in November of 2019 is the preview to the General Election of 2020. Let's turn our blue dot into a BLUE WAVE for Kansas and the country. It is time we take our country back!