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Election day: Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Polls open 7am to 7pm

Last day to register to vote: October 17

Advanced voting and Mail Ballots begin: October 18

Consult the Riley County Election Calendar for further information.

Who is running?

 Click on the boxes to see who is running in your city and school district. It's easy.

Local elections are said to be non-partisan.


Local elections are said to be non partisan, but the truth is our divided national politics has been seeping into local races for a while and especially in the areas of education and city government.

It is our duty to be informed about all candidates and research their positions in order to vote for the candidates whose values align with Democratic values. 

Candidates whose values align with Democratic values care about all the  citizens living in our cities and all the children, teachers, and staff in our schools, no matter their age, race, disability,  gender identity, social class, beliefs or political affiliation.

Candidates whose values align with Democratic values prioritize sustainable and environmentally responsible economic growth and focus on sound financial management, funding infrastructure projects that benefit all citizens, supporting affordable housing, investing in education and workforce development, and ensuring city workers and school district employees all receive fair wages.

Let's vote out the people who did not serve us well.

 We deserve better!

Let's elect people who have the people's interests at heart.

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