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An Open Letter to Roger Marshall and Tracey Mann

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

We will not mince words.

Roger Marshall and Tracey Mann, you must resign.

Less than a week on the job, you dishonored Kansas and the First Congressional District.

You put your extreme political ideologies and personal ambitions ahead of Kansans. This is how you chose to introduce yourselves to the world’s most sacred democratic body?

Bad decision. You are a disgrace.

What is even more astounding and unforgiving is the fact that you didn’t even have the sound judgment to rescind your objections to the Electoral count even after you walked across the broken glass and bloodstained floor to get back to your seats.

A handful of other Senators and Reps had the cognitive awareness to dial back their charges and retreat.

But no. Not you two Kansans.

Despite a violent coup attempt on the Capitol, you couldn’t even read the room.

Marshall and Mann, you have now marginalized yourselves in the U.S. Congress. This means you have put Kansas at the back of the line.

And for what? A mangled seat on the Trump train trainwreck.

You betrayed us. If you love Kansas, you will step aside. If not, we will not forget that you turned your backs on us for your own self aggrandizement.


The Riley County Democratic Party

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